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Today’s tax code is more complicated and convoluted than ever.

With well over four million words, today’s tax code is more complicated and convoluted than ever. It requires countless hours of research and years of experience to understand and comply with the vast number of tax regulations–that’s why at Pitchess & Pitchess, we talk taxes year-round. Because virtually every financial decision can have tax implications, careful tax planning and preparation can make a big difference in your financial future. We have unmatched tax services, specialized skills, and expertise with a service style you’ll value.

Tax Preparation

We prepare corporate, partnership, and individual –federal and state–income tax returns. Our tax clients come from many different backgrounds, occupations, and businesses. Though their financial goals differ, they all work with us to maximize their tax savings while also being in full compliance with the law.

Tax Planning

We identify and develop proactive tax strategies. In today’s complex world, tax planning is becoming increasingly important to achieving your desired results. At Pitchess & Pitchess we work proactively to create a comprehensive tax plan to help you reach your goals.

Tax Representation

We represent clients in audits, appeals proceedings and tax litigation. Whether your problem is related to local, state or federal tax issues, we have extensive knowledge of tax law and negotiation experience to protect and defend you against the IRS or other tax agencies.